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The Blog

The Process

Jósean Log

Marvelous days were those I lived at Octaedro Studio recording, listening, playing various instruments… navigating the sonic universe that would shape mi first EP with its five songs • In this picture I hug this couple of geniuses who made possible this experience and this work, who opened the door of their home and their hearts for me, and with whom I shared the magic of creating a beautiful and transcendent work • Thank you dear Mateo for your unparalleled talent, for your ears, for your patience and for your wise guidance through this intricate process, thank you for being the producer of Háblate de Mí; thank you dear Elsa for your company, for your suggestions, for your words of encouragement and for your beautiful voice which enriches some very special moments within the EP • The excitement gets bigger and bigger… this Friday will be the big day! 

Notification #1

Jósean Log

this is me. jósean log. twenty six years old. single. enthusiastic and tormented. full of contradictions, insecurities, fears and irredeemable inconsistencies • sometimes life gets harder than it should. sometimes life gets harder than what it seems to be. but sometimes I get to do what I decide to do, perhaps later, perhaps slower than what I originally intended. sometimes I finally do it • all this is to say, with my heart in my hand, that my debut EP, with five properly produced songs, will be seeing the first light of its public life in three weeks from today. I am overly excited to have the possibility to share it with you, those who enjoy in a certain degree the product of my work. thank you, it will be for you. it is thanks to you that this project exists and will exist • end of the notification


Jósean Log

There's something about us humans that we want to consider ourselves as constantly productive machines. It seems like the "normal" thing is that we never stop climbing towards our personal and professional goals. We always want to be at our 100%, we always want to shine, and the only time that we may stop for a bit to nurture and listen to our bodies is when we fall sick. At the first sign of fatigue, irritation or nostalgia, we quickly rely on caffeine, sugar, ibuprofen or paracetamol. We want to get "out of the dumps" as quickly as possible and restart our productivity, re-gain our shine and resume our climb up towards our goals. We forget that we are not machines, that we can't always be at our 100%, that there's no plant in nature which blooms all year nor a full moon which lasts a month. Cycles. We forget it, or simply ignore it, but humans are not exempt from cycles, from natural cycles, from the cycles of our animal nature. We are not machines, we are people, we are animals, we are nature. It's ok to be sad, it's ok to feel like not doing something, it's ok to be tired. We must learn to love ourselves although we are not those productive machines we strive to be. We must learn to embrace our cycles, to love our cycles, to love ourselves complete. 
The image is from Women Who Farm 

Leap-Year Reflections

Jósean Log

After a long career and many years of blood, sweat and tears, Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his deserved Oscar • Iñárritu and Lubezki demonstrated once again that being Latin-American will never be an impediment to achieve excellence in their fields anywhere in the world • Today is February 29. Next one will be four years from now • Today I have a mind full of songs and a heart full of dreams. I cannot know what challenges will I face along my way, I can only be certain that I will find them • Next February 29 I'll be 29 years old • Next leap-year I hope I look back and remember with a smile on my face every moment of joy, every stumble and every bruise • Next February 29 I want to smile regardless of how far or how close I am from "my goal", knowing that the only thing that matters in this life is to live and savor every step of our juicy and unpredictable way.

Love Wins

Jósean Log

Speaking of Valentine's day I came across this cute little gif which I find quite relevant in the current situation following the reforms that were adopted last year in Mexico, the United States and other places… there will still be people who oppose to society's evolution while trying to hold on to a past where intolerance and discrimination were the norm. But today we are more and more people who see clearly the importance of living in a society that's open, tolerant and diverse. There's still a long way to go and still many causes to address, but I like to think that we are at least getting on the right track in some of them. #AllWeNeedIsLove #LoveWins


Jósean Log

Life is a jungle full of fascinating mysteries • Society and its written and unwritten norms often make this jungle seem numb, predictable and boring • Work, study, everyday responsibilities and professional goals keep us in a continuous state of lethargic busyness • It seems like we are doing all we should be doing, and therefore we expect we should "be happy", but there's always something in the way. An unjustified irritation, a storm in a glass of water, a subtle feeling of being full of emptiness • Sometimes there's something that makes us remember what we already know inside • A timid murmur of nostalgia reminds us That life is not life, that life is a jungle • that life is a jungle full of fascinating mysteries • that nothing is predictable outside this world we invented of calendars and clocks • It frightens us • The fall always hurts when the the bubble is burst • But the world is outside, life is right there • Life is a jungle full of fascinating mysteries • And true life, life that's true is right there, ready to be taken by the fist of the brave • Of course it frightens me. But I'm most frightened by the boring life inside the bubble. Most frightened I am of the life that's not life • Life is a jungle, we ought to go out and discover it • Life is a jungle, we must burst the bubble and face the fall • Life is a jungle • Life is a jungle full of fascinating mysteries • Life is a jungle •


Jósean Log

Today is an epic day in the history of my life. After a massive effort of many months, finally the time has come to present you Parriba, my first studio production • I have no words to thank the collaboration of so many fiends and their talents without which this production wouldn't exist at all • I hope you like it. I hope you listen to it while driving around in your cars. I hope you dance to it in your rooms when nobody's watching. I hope you sing it in the shower… I hope you enjoy it and I hope we enjoy it together! • It will be the first of many more if you allow me to and if life gives me enough life to do so • Thank you for reading, thank you for listening • Parriba is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and the rest of the digital platforms. 

Parque México

Jósean Log

Parque México hosts all sorts of people and characters, dogs, children and even occasional dancers. That's what parks are for, to go out and enjoy them when the day is nice, to greet your neighbors and get to know their pet, to play a game of football or to read a good chapter under the shade of a tree. Thanks for letting me share with you a little piece of who I am and what I do. Thanks for listening carefully or on-the-side, for giving me a timid smile or an adventurous dance move. Thanks for a spontaneous and joyful musical hang out!

Photos by Adriana Lozoya

Infinite ∞

Jósean Log

Sometimes I feel that life is a bullet train that takes me on her tip shot into the future without giving me time to stop a single moment to breathe; then I remember that the future is the present, that the present is the future, that time is an invention and that every moment is infinite • So it comes the last day of 2015 • So life takes us by surprise once again; so we start counting our achievements, making estimations of what's been advanced, celebrating whats been well lived and regretting what's been wasted • One more year isn't a small thing, newly acquired experience, a new medal on our veteran's vest, new wrinkles on our hands. One more year isn't a small thing, it gets us closer to the exit. One more year isn't a small thing, one less year is left to live • Every moment is infinite, every heartbeat is the first. Every step is a path, every moment is infinite • Do not scare me with you should have, do not frighten me with you should be • Every moment is infinite, every heartbeat is the first. Every step is a path, every moment is infinite • ∞ •