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Jósean Log

Life is a jungle full of fascinating mysteries • Society and its written and unwritten norms often make this jungle seem numb, predictable and boring • Work, study, everyday responsibilities and professional goals keep us in a continuous state of lethargic busyness • It seems like we are doing all we should be doing, and therefore we expect we should "be happy", but there's always something in the way. An unjustified irritation, a storm in a glass of water, a subtle feeling of being full of emptiness • Sometimes there's something that makes us remember what we already know inside • A timid murmur of nostalgia reminds us That life is not life, that life is a jungle • that life is a jungle full of fascinating mysteries • that nothing is predictable outside this world we invented of calendars and clocks • It frightens us • The fall always hurts when the the bubble is burst • But the world is outside, life is right there • Life is a jungle full of fascinating mysteries • And true life, life that's true is right there, ready to be taken by the fist of the brave • Of course it frightens me. But I'm most frightened by the boring life inside the bubble. Most frightened I am of the life that's not life • Life is a jungle, we ought to go out and discover it • Life is a jungle, we must burst the bubble and face the fall • Life is a jungle • Life is a jungle full of fascinating mysteries • Life is a jungle •