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Jósean Log

There's something about us humans that we want to consider ourselves as constantly productive machines. It seems like the "normal" thing is that we never stop climbing towards our personal and professional goals. We always want to be at our 100%, we always want to shine, and the only time that we may stop for a bit to nurture and listen to our bodies is when we fall sick. At the first sign of fatigue, irritation or nostalgia, we quickly rely on caffeine, sugar, ibuprofen or paracetamol. We want to get "out of the dumps" as quickly as possible and restart our productivity, re-gain our shine and resume our climb up towards our goals. We forget that we are not machines, that we can't always be at our 100%, that there's no plant in nature which blooms all year nor a full moon which lasts a month. Cycles. We forget it, or simply ignore it, but humans are not exempt from cycles, from natural cycles, from the cycles of our animal nature. We are not machines, we are people, we are animals, we are nature. It's ok to be sad, it's ok to feel like not doing something, it's ok to be tired. We must learn to love ourselves although we are not those productive machines we strive to be. We must learn to embrace our cycles, to love our cycles, to love ourselves complete. 
The image is from Women Who Farm