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Who I am

Photo: © Pamela Hersch 2015.

I’m Jósean Log (pronounced: ho-seh-ahn log), a world citizen in love with life. I grew up in Cholula, a colorful town in Mexico with as many churches as there are days in a year and where a huge 2500 years old pyramid dominates the landscape together with the Popocatépetl volcano. Music is my language, my way of life, and it has always been my best attempt at understanding myself within a world full of fascinating mysteries. I’m jumpy and cautious, and I usually complicate my own existence with dilemmas that force me to flow and reinvent myself continuously. I don’t believe in lost causes, and although I see the glass as “half-full” I believe it is our responsibility to fill the other half and share it. I love nature and I love the animals; that’s why I don’t eat them. I’m an idealist and I tend to get caught up in philosophical arguments with whoever allows it. I believe the world can be a better place for everybody and I dream about us building a global community in harmony and peace, where diversity is celebrated and where every inhabitant of this planet gets the opportunity to enjoy its own existence in a friendly environment. I’ve been trained as a drummer since I’m a child and percussions have always been my strength, but after experimenting with other instruments like the violin and the piano, I found my best ally in the ukulele and learnt to embrace my voice and to sing with honesty the content of my soul.